Mimosa b5c radio locked on orange screen at first access

Good afternoon, we bought a pair of Mimosa b5c to test in our environment one of them I was able to access and configure the other was on an orange screen after the browser hangs and I do not leave it, I tested in several browsers and always the same thing someone else has already passed through this problem?

Have you tried with different device also (tablet, smartphone, other) ?

Do you ping the device on its default IP ?

Yes, I usually do, but when it goes to the home screen it locks the browser, preventing any thing from being done, already tried several different computers without success.
Thanks for listening!

Hi Roberval

This happened once with us as well.
This can be fixed by resetting the device to factory default by the UI reset tool. Mimosa support can help you.


Problem solved, I updated the firmware through the cloud and managed to access the management of the radio, thanks to everyone for the attention!

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