Mimosa B5c Restarting firmware 2.8.0

I recently updated my b5c link to firmware 2.8.0, but after that the equipment is restarting. You do not have a certain time to restart, but the intervals start with 2 hours between each other. If I go back to a previous firware, I don’t have this problem. Does anyone know what can it be?

Do you happen to have the Watchdog turned on the radios?

what does the log say?

I have exactly same issue on B5c and C5c, it says wireless dissaciotated, I dindt have this issue before upgrading. I dont have watchdog enable as well

I have problems with lan 100mb randomly. I dindt have this issue before upgrading.

have you checked the log? I am pretty sure is not restarting, it must be the wioreless disaciotated issue mimosa issue, please check and let us know.

saben que esto es un bug, arreglenlo de inmediato !

@manuel1 va a ser dificil que se arregle si no se encuentra el error. Por mi parte tengo equipos con problemas de 100Mb pero no tengo problemas con el firmware en cuestion.

@Renato3 Give more information about the links, signal, noise?

Here is the latest info I know of about this bug,

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We also have beta 2 for Ethernet issues for those having issues.


@DustinS Let’s prove that it happens! :yum:

Hi Dustin,
where can I find the version which adresses the 100MB problem?

@Ralf_Theo Try to switch between: Master / Slave Mode:

Selects master/slave mode for Ethernet Interface: Auto, Manual Slave, Manual Master, Preferred Slave, Preferred Master. The Manual Slave option improves interoperability with some routers and switches. In my case, the Manual Master solved my “link down ethernet” and “100Mbps” problem.

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Hi Danielcs,
Thanks for the advice. It seems that it works this way with ethernet 100Mbps problem.
Best regards

Please contact support and ask for beta 2. They should be able to provide it to you.