Mimosa b5c with 30db ubnt dish

Good day im new on b5c and was configure b5lite wayback long ago the setup of b5c is much far from my understanding on b5lite. I would like to ask for help on how can i attain much power on 30db dish, our country is in philippine and when i follow the default regulatory it sucks!. Thats why i found out that if you change your country example i try it in US and lebanon country they are the same output when i set my local db to 30 since my antena is 30db dish the tx power will give me only at 10. How can i attain much more higher that 10? Since my link is 19km… thank you for your help

I would recommend against trying to break the EIRP limits of your country. Mimosa has GPS chips that can detect when they are not inside of the regulatory areas that you have selected…

They are in place for a reason and not following them can get you in trouble with your regulatory agencies who like to impose pretty stiff fines for people breaking the rules. (though frequently they will give you a warning or two before hand)

You might look at the regulations for the Philippines, in the USA, we have a portion of the spectrum that if you are using a PTP you can use a much higher TX power for your selected antenna gain. (TBH, you are already at 40 dB EIRP with your 10 dB TX power and your 30 dB gain antenna, most of the United States spectrum we are limited to 30-36 dB there is only a portion where we can max out our TX power at 26 dB and can put as big of an antenna as we want on it, only for PTPs though.)

thank you i already fix the problem and i turn it on ph licensed and acquired 30/30 antenna gain and power @ 30 but my next problem is after i link up the two paired directly @ 2 meters away. we mount it on the tower for 18km link they cannot see each other with less noise and line of sight

I mean, 30 dB antennas are going to be very difficult to align at that distance, but if you can get them within 5 degrees you should be able to get a negotiation.

Your two radios probably were screaming at each other over 2 meters if you were using your full transmit power, which isn’t good because these radios are meant to hear a whisper from miles away.

You should make sure the RX side on both your links is working, next up, verify that the SSID and password on the Access Point is the same as the Station. Next up, check to make sure you are using proper TX power on both sides. Then check your alignments, it is very possible there was a mistake made and one or both sides of the link are not pointed in the correct direction.

Hi william. When i tested it for 2 meters i lower the power both to tx pw 6 just only to connect the two radio. For me i observe before this problem occur not connected to each other when i upgrade it to firm 1.5, at 1st i did not upgrade the radio i let it on default and try to match the two radio and it connect when we mount it over 18km link but lower throuput the thing is that i was not able to get the code with full power. Then now when i upgrade and fix the power solution… it does not connect with each other… i will try today downgrading to its default 1.4.5 firmware ill try to test it.

Good to hear that you took prudent steps when testing.

Sorry for the questions, but I am a bit unclear from your previous posts.

Was there any time where you were able to get your link to connect?

If so then is it just upgrading the link to 1.5.x that makes the link not work? I would say you should double check the TX power on each side and see if there is anything in the logs that indicates an issue with the connection. From there you probably want to check with Mimosa Support.

If on the other hand, you have never been able to get your two antennas to connect to each other over this link, but they worked fine in testing, then you should double check your alignment and that you have a clear Line Of Sight, check the frequencies that you are using and make sure both sides don’t have it blocked, check the SSID and Password on both sides of the link to make sure it’s correct and check your logs to see if the two radios are trying to connect but are running into some error.

this is what i got tomorrow will send you the rest