Mimosa C5C Aiming Mode Problem

Can somebody care to explain aiming mode of my C5c PTP set-up.
my AP is at -70dbm with a target of -110dbm (blue shaded bar)
what do I need to adjust to further get a better signal. just a newbie on mimosa radios.
Thanks for anyone who can share.

This is because you’re using Antenna Gain 0 instead of following EIRP rules. If you set this to the correct antenna gain, you would see the correct Target value.

At this point, you should try to get your signal level as high as possible. Aim for -55 or better.


When i set the antenna Gain to 0, i got connected to the remote device. But when i set it to 30dBi. It took too long. Then not connected.

18km distance from Local - remote

What is the EIRP Limit for Philippines

Im using Rocket Dish RD-5g30-AC.
What antenna gain should i need to set up?

How to compute the TX EIRP/TXCONDUCTED

TX EIRP is the total between your TX power minus your cable losses plus your antenna gain.