Mimosa c5c frequency range

Hello, I am working in Turkey. Hello to everyone :wave:
I have a mimosa c5c. I give frequency to this device
I make the settings from the channel & power section
Do you know any other place, does it have settings for mictorik or elsewhere?

Are you wanting to connect a Mikrotik to the C5c?

yes, what can i do on miktorik ?

I’m sorry, but I think we need more details about what you’re trying to do. The frequency would be set in the Mimosa, as you’ve said that you’ve done. Connecting to the Mikrotik would be connecting the Ethernet port to a Mikrotik switch or router. What you would do when you do that would depend on what you’re trying to do. For example, you could set up the port on the switch as a Trunk port to pass multiple VLANs through the C5c.

I do not think the C5c supports WiFi Interop Mode when in PTP, but it does support that in PTMP mode.

So you could setup the Mikrotik as the Access Point then connect the C5c to the Mikrotik AP. It’s not the worlds greatest situation and you will be severely limited in bandwidth, but it should work.

Check out this page for some more information:

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