Mimosa C5c Link down!


I have Mimosa C5c devices and I use it as PTP internet service transmit, but I’m facing link down issues although the link is stable and there are no issues in both AP and ST. And in log shows " MIMO_EVENT System time changed… phystats re-sync"

Can you please help me to solve this issue?


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Could you post a picture of the log as well as a picture of your Dashboard pages on each side of the link?

Access Point


Alright, looks like you are using Auto Everything and there is a problem with it trying to change the channel it is using.

I could try going to a later firmware and see if that helps you out, but I personally prefer to set my channels manually. If you don’t want to try out a different firmware, or the firmware doesn’t help for your environment, I would try hard setting your channel. Then there will not be channel change issue. That said, keep in mind if you use a DFS frequency then there will be a down time when beginning to use that channel and there is the possibility of getting “DFS Hits” which will cause the AP to change the channel automatically.

Here is a good page from Mimosa’s support manual that talks about getting a good reliable link.

Thank you for your kind response.

No, it’s not Auto Everything, we never use this option. Check the picture below.

Well that explains why the radio was trying to change channels. You have terrible noise.

Couple options.

  1. Get a higher isolation antenna, RF Elements Ultra Horn is where I would look. That might help with your noise issue and get you somewhat less noise to work around. You will still probably need to drop down to a 40 MHz wide channel though.

  2. Find a different frequency. Which means you will be looking for a different radio. For your distance you can use just about anything. B24 would be a pretty good option, but there are some really good 60 GHz radios from Mikrotik and Ubiquiti that are significantly cheaper and will have more bandwidth available.