Mimosa c5c no internet connection

my mimosa c5c suddenly shows no internet connection, it was running smoothly days ago, but suddenly display no internet connection. But when i plug the Lan port of mimosa to the Lan port of the router then make static connection it has internet connection, but when i plug it to the Wan port of the router then remove static connection, it says no internet connection again. This happens twice, 3days interval. firmware

On the WAN side of the router is there a DHCP server to give the radio IP settings to work?

what seems to be the problem?
chain 1 is undetectable and no CINR

You have very low SNR, probably the antenna is out of alignment. Your noise is in the -90s and your signal is barely 10 dB higher then that, the antenna probably isn’t able to differentiate the signal on that chain enough to “hear” it.

Check the alignment on each side of the link, check the cabling and antennas for any damage. Check the TX power settings on each side of the link if you have a spare radio you might check to see if one side or the other might be going bad.

Either way this is not a firmware issue, the Layer 1 connectivity to your AP is bad and it can’t pass any significant amount of data.

Here are some of the manual pages that are applicable:
Honestly, I would recommend spending some time reading all of Mimosa’s documentation.