Mimosa C5c Ptp 15 km

Hi guys,
I have to install a 5ghz Ptp connection with 2 C5c, length 15 km, on the Access Point side I can install a 30 cm dish (I do not have space) while the Station side also has a 60cm or 90 cm parable. My question is: installing a smaller dish like Access Point will I have problems on the PTP link?
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So radios have the weird benefit of each side’s overall signal strength going up whenever you increase the size of either antenna.

So the bigger the antenna you have have on either side of the link will make your life better. Unfortunately the mimosa design dealie won’t show how this works very easily.

Thanks william5, so in general using a smaller dish like Access Point should not have problems?

I mean, if you have Line of Site 15 Km shouldn’t kill you. What’s the dB of the 30 CM antenna?

I would bet you should be fine, but I loose a lot of bets, so…

I hope “for me” that this time you saw us right @ william5 :joy:. The 30cm dish has a gain of 22dB.

If you have LOS you should be alright then.

Will you be shooting over any water or fields that are watered? That can cause other issues (Signal refraction when it hits the moist/cooler/warmer air that will make you crazy hunting down the issue.)

Will you be in an area with lots of noise?

The area is noisy but the Los is nice clean. Thanks William for the answer

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Hi Tommaso,

So far no problem, Station 30cm and customer install 60cm or 90cm.
We also link is station 30cm, customer 90cm for distance 15.5km.


If you have not committed to your antenna’s yet - I would look at RF Elements -

They make a 30 Deg Horn antenna, and that is more directional perhaps than others out there? (not sure what you are planning on using exactly)

The idea is if you are going a long distance - you want the most direct sending of your signal.


These things really kick butt, and eliminate a lot of the issues that one can see with interference etc…

Um for a C5c you prolly need:

So, this twist lock adapter and the horn antenna.

Do your research and make sure that those things work for what you have - but let us know if you go that route how much of an improvement you see!

Good luck and have fun out there!


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Please be aware that the 30 degree horn is only 18dBi. It might be ok at 15km if you’re transmitting at the highest power settings.

If you could, I’d feel much better if you used the Ultrahorn instead. It is right at 24dBi so should get you 15km much easier and with a higher signal level.


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I have a problem first of all almost all of the frequencies are restricted but i managed to choose a clear one i have the latest firmware update for c5c secondly when i choose antenna gain 15db the tx power gives me max 4 dbm and as i go higher db the tx gets lower and when i lower gain to 5 db or so i get tx power higher ex 23db on both cases i coudnt manage to pull more than 150 mbps and the distance is only 2.7km please help

I am closing this thread, please open a new thread if you have issues. (Which I think you did @ihab)