Mimosa C5c ptp signal problem

I have C5C linked to 30-32 dish with 3.6Km distance but I’m having problem with the signal it’s 54dbm I tried to aim but it didn’t change?

If you want to get the best alignment, I would recommend watching this video for some tips:

My own tips would be to lower your TX power on both sides of the link to 1-3 dB, or even lower. Then align the link off of that. That way your side lobes will be very small and it will be easier to just align on the main lobe of the antenna pattern.

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I will try this way but can you tell me what the best way to choose a good frequency for it and what tx power should I put in such distance (3.6Km) with a noisy sounding ?

There are other posts about choosing channels in a noisy environment. That I have made in the past.

I would also recommend checking out Mimosa’s documentation: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-ug-spectrum-analyzer
There is a load of documentation there that will be helpful for someone starting out.

There are some people who have had success with Auto Channel selection, which I think is the default. But I don’t use that so Your Millage May Vary.

If you are in a really noisy environment (like in a downtown metropolitan area then you probably should be looking at other radios, Mimosa isn’t magic, to get performance you need to be able to achieve minimally 20 dB Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Which may require larger antennas which have isolation shields or looking at a different frequency altogether.

If that’s ok for you can you check my link on autodesk and see if I have something wrong with my configuration, if you don’t mind :grin:

That’s a spacturm analyser you can see and below is the problem I have a difference between Rates


That last paragraph in my last message was ment for you.

across the spectrum you have a very high noise level (between -80 and 50) and you are looking at a recieve signal of -47 and the noise around you is pretty high. Some of it is ~-57 dB.

You would need to drop your channel width down to 20, maybe 40, MHz wide to slip into that little area with little less noise. Even then you are going to be constantly dealing with the RF noise around you changing and messing up your link.

A C5c is going to be really difficult to maintain and use in your situation, minimally you should look at mounting the C5c inside a grounded metal box as well as running very high quality RF cables between it and your antenna.

Beyond that would be getting isolating antennas for your link. There are many companies that make “ISO” antennas which are pretty much a metal ring that goes on the front of an antenna and acts as a blinder for it to minimize noise issues. I really like RF Elements and their antennas, but they are kinda expensive.

Personally I would ask how much bandwidth you are wanting to pass over the link? If it’s less then a 200 Mbps then a B24 might be alright depending on your location. Otherwise you could look at the Ubiquiti AF24 as an option, though you are going to start to get kinda expensive.

If you do have the money, licensed is probably the way to go. The hardware for a B11 link would probably be cheaper then an AF-24 and would not have raid fade issues like 24 GHz does. Unfortunately, you are not quite close enough for easy links and not rural enough for quiet links…

OK thanks for the info
but a friend of my mine told me downgrade the link to 2.3.3 and it will open 4500Mhz freq and they should be empty … do you recommend it?

Whatever the latest firmware is will be what your device supports legally in your country.

By downgrading the firmware to an old version, you will be running the link illegally in your country, probably. I would not recommend it. I also am not certain that the C5c supports 4.7 GHz, I would have to double check on the spec sheet though.

Illegal use of Mimosa Equipment is not acceptable in this forum, previous post was deleted and this thread has been closed.