Mimosa C5C radio compaitable antenna

Please help me for choose the antenna for Mimosa C5C radio for Point to point Link in Indiai
In India Antenna Are Ubiquiti and Mikrotik

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What is the distance for the link? Do you have cost/size requirements? How noisy is the area?

This information will help us make a good recommendation. But if you are just looking for a recommendation: https://www.balticnetworks.com/ubiquiti-airfiber-dish-5ghz-23dbi.html is pretty decent and cheap.

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I use the Ubiquiti dishes and have good results with them. We would need more information on the distance of the link and noise conditions to help you decide which size antennas to purchase.

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for MImosa C5C comparable antenna

Is Telimart 29 dbi OK for 18 Km link ?

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