Mimosa C5c Reset to default Freqency Problem


I have Mimosa C5c Upgraded with and i get problem that the device reset the freqency to 5530 after a random time , i get this problem randomy on more one device , also i have turn of the auto mode

Maybe it’s a bug’s

Update – every reboot it’s reset to 5530 freqency

It’s a bug.
Need to downgrade.Recommend to

Yes …i will downgrade to 2.4.1
It’s more stable from 2.5.×

Update :

every reboot the freqency reset to 5530

i updated it 10 days ago and no problems try to reset and configure the links again

10d 06h 11m

Link Uptime

Only if the device reboot > if not it’s work normaly any reboot will reset it

I’m getting ready to deploy a bunch of links using C5x. I was told to set them up on, which we did. Wonder if they are going to glitch like that and if I shouldn’t set them back to or eve 2.4.1?? it’s not working. solve this as I know.

I have upgrade to

Now should every thing work