Mimosa c5x 4.5-4.9 Ghz

I just bought two mimosa c5x’s for a PTP link. I am testing them in the house and I noticed you can already use some frequencies below 4.9. However when I try to do that I lose connection to the radio and I have to reset it. I am curious, does the c5x really work in frequecies under 4.9? Has anyone tried it. That would be amazing.

Have you registered the device properly yet?
Part of that process would lock you into the proper “authorized” frequencies.

Unless you’re authorized to operate there – I strongly encourage you to not! In the United States these are assigned for “public safety” uses. This means… anything from law enforcement to emergency services to local government, and now more recently to state government and a bunch of other commercial services. (not sure if the last part is official yet, but there were notes on it.)

Other countries have their own rules – Unless your location or service is authorized there, really… don’t test just to see if it works, it could get real ugly in a hurry.

That said – yes – they do work there…with the proper authorization code that Mimosa gives you.

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