Mimosa C5x with Ubiquiti Switch PoE

Hi everyone, i have a Mimosa C5x, which I recently bought, I plan to feed it with a passive poe from ubiquiti, this will power on the C5x or i have problems with the PINS, or the radio will damage with other PINS of voltaje…

Thanks for the help.

I use Ubiquiti passive 24v PoE power injectors and PoE switches all the time without issue. (I don’t have any managed Ubiquiti switches)

You should be fine, you might want to double check to make certain you don’t have a 4 pin PoE version, but those are pretty uncommon.

As William5 has said, it should work. It is within the C5x’s voltage requirements. However, we had someone on here a short time ago that was apparently getting a voltage drop across the Ethernet cable, causing the voltage to go below what the C5x would run at. 24v is the minimum listed in the C5x’s documentation. So, this is just something to watch out for, but in most cases, you should be OK.

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Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help…

Vai sereno, funziona benissimo.