Mimosa Cloud (Management) Update (Unversioned)

Management Tool Release Notes: https://mimosa.co/blog/new-mimosa-cloud-features

Here is my summery of useful points I think are important, if I miss anything feel free to comment below. If you really want to know the changes and new features though I would recommend that you read the post yourself:

  • Scheduled Updates. Plenty of people have requested it, I have even requested it. Now it should be available. I don’t have it yet on my account so I can’t comment on it more, but honestly it’s a pretty simple feature, just make sure you select 2 AM and not PM. (Though it seems that Mimosa is using 0-23 for the hours and not the issue ridden 12 hour clock, so you should be fine) There is also a “pretty” progress bar, for when you are not looking at the updates because they are happening at 3 AM while you are asleep.

  • C Series Client Analytics and AP Metrics. This covers Bandwidth Usage, Upload and Download PHY rates and other AP wide metrics. Some other simple interface updates as well. This is all data that you had access to, but is a nice compilation of it into a useful format.

  • Exporting of Data: No longer is your data locked away on the Mimosa Cloud. You can export up to 3 months of data (Note: the data becomes less detailed the longer time period you are pulling from). Also, this needs to be done manually, so, kinda useful.

  • Reports. You can now generate reports that show various metrics across your network. I have had the pleasure of using this feature on and off in the last couple years. It is very useful, quick to setup and learn how to use.

  • Advanced Topology. You can now have an auto generated layout for your network. Thank Goodness, I have never used this feature much because I don’t have time to lay out my network. One button click and all the ugly mess is cleaned up.

  • A5 Graphs, some new data is being presented to you on your A5/A5c (and A5x?). Various temperatures of components, GPS signal metrics etc.

  • G2 Client Features, you can see specific clients and diagnose poor connection issues from the Web interface. Personally I think any managed wireless solution like the G2 would require these kinds of features.

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