Mimosa cloud problem

Hello everyone
I have C5C as a PTP link and I want internet to go through it like making it ping at google DNS and make it connect to the cloud now it’s only a bridge for network.

This might be of help to you:

What firmware version are you on? When I upgraded my C5x PTP units to 2.8.1, they lost Mimosa Cloud connectivity, but worked other than that. I fell back to and the cloud connectivity returned.

2.3.3 beta
I needed it for the frequencies
But I don’t know why it won’t connect to cloud or even ping to any DNS

If they won’t ping to “any DNS,” then they won’t get to the cloud unless they’re going to a hard coded address. Also, if they won’t ping to “any DNS,” are they able to get out at all? If not, then, assuming they work at all, it sounds more as if you have a network problem getting to the Mimosa units than the Mimosa units themselves. However, if VLANs were configured incorrectly, particularly the Management VLAN, on the Mimosa units, that could cause you a problem. Are you able to access them over the local network to manage them?

I can access them and manage them with an IP my company gave to me so I can access them wireless anywhere, the problem I have they don’t have access to internet I want them to access internet so I can connect them to cloud.

Also I can access them with VPN because it won’t reach without VPN belong to the company.

For them to access the Internet, they need to be on a network segment that has Internet access. They need the normal information: IP Address, Default Gateway, DNS server. This can be done via DHCP or by typing in static addresses. Once they have this information, they will call out to the cloud as long as there are no firewall rules blocking them. Also, some units have an option in their setup on whether or not to use the cloud. I’m not sure if the C5C has this option, but you may want to double check. In

the C5x, this option is on the Management page in the device’s setup.

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