Mimosa device not shows up under my cloud account

Ive just added my products to my cloud inventory section but they not shows up under Device List section so cloud btn under Performance section not working ( I turned on Cloud switch to ON and its Enabled )
I’ve just assigned a static ip address for each product and forwarded all ports to them.

Thanks for your help to have this issue solved.


Do your radios say they are connected to the cloud? Management >> Miscellaneous >> Mimosa Cloud Management (Little green box comes up that says “Enabled”

Also what happens when you click the Cloud icon on the Dashboard of your Devices?

Yes, but as I click on Cloud sign the error attached shows up.

Are you sure you used the same account for unlocking the devices and how you are logging in right now?

actually not, I bought my device from someone who unlocked it before.
now how can I have my unlock code under my account ?

You will have to factory reset it then reunlock it.