Mimosa Discovery Tool

Mimosa Discovery Tool

By HybridNetworks Ltd

  • added support scan IPv4.
  • added support scan IPv6.
  • added support scan Ping Lookup.
  • added alternative terminal (Command Prompt & PowerShell).
  • added support web use HTTP/HTTPS.
  • added tools Web, Ping, Tracert and Port Scanner.
  • added copy data.
  • added export data to csv files.


For anyone who is interested, I have downloaded the file and ran it in a VM, it doesn’t seem to have any malware (with 10 min of running the program and plucking around in it)

I have not had a chance to verify if it actually works or how well it works. Use with caution, but if this is really what it advertises itself to be we will have to give a big thanks to @Muhannad and the people at HybridNetworks Ltd.

I confirm nothing scary found within, however it is not signed, and windows does complain about the unsigned aspect.

I’m thinking – WHERE has a tool like this been all these years! Definitely a thanks to @Muhannad

I ran a Windows Virus Scan on the VM that I installed this on a few days ago and it didn’t find anything. I still have not had time to test it out, but it seems to be fine.

I have tested it – it seems a good tool to add to the bag-o-tricks.

Features I think that would make it more helpful…
Some indication it’s scanning. There’s nothing that visually clues you in it’s doing something until a result appears.
Perhaps, an option to have it do continuous scanning, or to self-scan at timed intervals?

Get the application signed so it doesn’t get summarily blocked because of a small thing.

Frankly – NOT looking a gift tool in any ways other than items that might be considered if there are any updates.

One does not look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak. :slight_smile:

@William5 @Bryan3 Digital signatures are not free. The software is not signed for that reason.

@Bryan3 There is no scan prompt because it is only a few milliseconds.

@Muhannad :+1:t2:

The program does not work


I understand it costs money, I was just warning people about the issue. I appreciate greatly your work and contribution.

@ali23, as far as I can tell the program does seem to work in my limited play time with it. I already have my own methodology for dealing with Mimosa radios and working around not having a discovery tool so I have not use the program extensively, but it seems to work as advertised. If you would like to actually contribute to the conversation and give details about how it wasn’t working for your situation then it could be helpful. Posting “The program does not work” isn’t helpful.

@ali23 report issues https://github.com/HybridNetworks/MimosaDiscoveryTool/issues