Mimosa from Ubiquiti

Hi all, hoping to get a short cut answer to this question as I don’t have stock to hand or time to test in a lab.

I’m trying to move away from ubnt locos over to c5x’s however we have a large amount of client locos on the field. Does anyone have experience of connecting locos through to a A5 in WiFi interoperability mode? And also c5x clients through to ubnt rocket AP.

This will allow us to smoothly swap to mimosa as the main hardware for our client.


Back of Beyond Broadband

We did it for a while. We were using Ubiquiti NanoStation M5s at the time and it was alright, but our situation really was really designed for SRS.

Note: if you are using Ubiquiti AC line gear, it will not be able to connect to the Mimosa equipment.

The biggest thing is to follow Mimosa’s Guide for connecting 3rd party equipment: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/third-party-client-configuration

Make sure to be using the latest firmware, there were a few bugs with Interop Mode that have been fixed by Mimosa.