Mimosa Install App - Android Version 9

My company has just started getting the android phones with android OS version 9. We are having issues with the Install App where it will not communicate with the G2 or the C5.
When trying to connect to the G2 it will eventually time out. When it come to the C5, it asks for a custom IP.

You can then connect to the same G2 and be able to connect to the C5 with no problems using an IOS phone or android running version 8.

Anyone else running into this?

I never had much success with the install app, but I always blamed it on my Samsung S7 being junk. I have a coworker who seems to like it a lot on his Samsung S8. Normally I just pre-program the antenna and connect to it through our network VPN to align it or power it off of a battery pack and use my computer to do the rest of the work.

Maybe Mimosa Support might have some ideas?

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Hi @Jackie,

You are correct that there is an issue with the current released version of the Android app and Android 9. We are testing a new version of the app that addresses this. It should be available soon. You can also email me at dustin@mimosa.co. I might be able to get you a beta version you can try out.