Mimosa Log Files

Is there any reason why the logfiles on Mimosa Equipment is not in chronological order? A customer calls in with complaints, and it is bad enough that the time stamps are not set to the local time, but now I have to scroll through everything to make sure I don’t miss any relevant events because they are not in order.

I have been complaining for years about the local time, but I have never seen events not be in order… Holy Cow that would be annoying…


I feel like it happens on almost all of the equipment I use, other than maybe the A5/A5c. The events are “generally” in chronological order, but there blocks of stuff that are out of place.

Oh, you mean the Reboot?

Ya, I see that all the time, it goes back to whatever the default date of the firmware is, used to be back in the 80s or something in the older firmwares, now I see differing “start up dates” depending on the device and the firmware. Happens because the device lost power and there isn’t an internal battery to keep the clock chip running, so the device has to figure out the time and date after reboot.

Technically the log is ordered by which entry was entered first, but the date stamp isn’t how it’s sorted.

William5, that makes sense. The date/time is correct once the unit is able to connect to an NTP server, until then, it’s back to base date. With the log being in the order that the entries are made, it’s shouldn’t be too hard to decipher. The apparently out-of-sequence items are a reboot, but since the items are in the order that they occurred, the actual time of the reboot is just before the time of the first log after NTP time sync has been established.

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