Mimosa Networks Design Flythrough doesn't work

We have tried to use Flythrough with Google Chrome Firefox version 54.0.2840.59 m but the Google Earth plugin is not supported on 64 bit browser version.

Ok. I have tried with Firefox version 49.0.2 but even if one week ago, it works like a charm, in the latest App Update, it doesn’t work anymore.

Ok. I have tried with Microsoft Edge version 38.14393.0.0, but always same problem regarding Google Earth plugin doesn’t supported.

Finally, I have tried with Internet Explorer version 11.187.14393.0, but always same error.

What Browser I need to use for Flythrough feature ?

Thank you. It’s really a nightmare.

Agreed - used to work well but no longer working here either. Known issue?

I have discovered yesterday that you need to open a network, then add a link PTP, then save clicking on done button.

After, to use flythrough feature, you need to navigate on left menu, choosing Links and on that page, at right clicking on Airplane icone to start Flythrough. In this way, the software don’t loose the GPS coordinate and it finally works for me.

Someone had tried those steps ?

steps do not work for me. fly through open and i can see the earth but nothing else happens and attempts to start the fly through results in a grey screen with no data

Hi All,

We have a fix in place for the fly through, we are just validating the fix on our test server, and we will get it to our production server as fast as possible! Plus we have made some more improvements to the location search boxes, thanks to customer feedback.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Excellent - looking forward to the fix as it’s an extremely helpful feature in planning for rural areas.

Not sure if related but flythrough now sends me deep into the earth when I try to use it.

Yeah same here. Still broken.

If it could be useful to someone, I have found following procedre to use flythrough:

  1. create a new link putting all data, coordinates, height, type of antenna/radio, ecc.
  2. click on done button and save the information about radio name and link name too
  3. click on menu on left to watch all created links
  4. pick the right row which you desire to show flythrough, and click on airplane on the right of screen

in that way I can successfully use the flythrough.

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That procedure worked for me; thank you for the work around!

I found it was working for me yesterday . Using Firefox 50.1.0 and a Macbook pro.
Thanks - it’s a great feature.

Hi All,

We have fixed the flythrough issues, and it is currently fully working in both Safari and Firefox. Please note that Google Chrome does not support the Google Earth plugin.

For full update release notes visit: