Mimosa Networks

Is there a way to delete an entire network in the manage area of the software. I created a test network and I’d prefer to delete it from my system.

I thought I would try bumping this topic to see if there is an answer? Figured I’d ping someone direct from Mimosa to see if they knew…

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Hi Ryan,

Mimosa Support can do this for you upon request, but there is no delete network feature yet accessible to users.


I will send an email to support to request that then. It seems like the best option is to create two network designs.

  1. The actual network which only has towers/sites and links that actually exist.

  2. A design network where you can add towers/sites and links to see what they may look like in the future.

It appears that in addition to not being able to delete the entire network - you also cannot delete a site once it’s been added to a network. Is this a correct understanding?

Hi Ryan,

Currently, there are user controls for deleting everything except for the network.

Here are the instructions for adding/deleting assets in the Design tool: http://cloud.help.mimosa.co/design-asset-hierarchy

In the Manage tool, devices may be deleted from the device list or from the device page:


If I were to guess (and why I want to delete the network designs and start over) it’s because I’m using designs created from a long time ago and it’s likely my old data and design changes to the software have created issues for me.

I have artifact sites that show up on the network design map where there is no corresponding groups of data - as in picture below.

In other places I have Sites in the left but there is no option to delete as shown in the documentation you provided.

I think deleting and starting over is my best bet.