Mimosa NID for C5

Has anyone used “Mimosa Networks NID Gigabit Network Interface Device for C5” for Cambium ePMP1000 client radios?

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Did a bunch of research on this. I don’t think it will work. Got right up to the point of actually testing it but didn’t plug in a radio for fear of frying it.

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Have not used it yet with ePMP products but have used it with Ubiquiti nanoBridge & PowerBeam products. Works just fine. No reason it should not work just fine with any product, as far as I can tell. It’s basically just a way to extend a cable or make it easier to access. Thus far have used it in several instances and they work great.

We use them regularly with Force 200s and Force 180s.

Thank you, Kenten. I will start using them then.