Mimosa plans for 802.11ax?

So, reading in the news about 802.11ax , I have to ask the question :
What is the timeline for 802.11ax to be incorporated into the Mimosa product line?

Perhaps it is not on a road map yet, and that is okay - but it may be time to start thinking about it?

Faster speeds, lower power - what could be better?

Here is some info that I found on 802.11ax :


Hi @Rob_MCN,

Are you going to be at Wispapalooza next week? This would be an interesting topic to discuss with our products that will be at our party, our vendor spotlight, and at the booth.

I personally will be at the booth all day long Tues-Thurs.

If you aren’t attending, this would be a good topic to direct to David at david@mimosa.co. I’m sure he could tell you if it’s on the roadmap or not. If not then when it might be.

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Looks like we will not be attending this year :frowning_face: Ill take your advise however and reach to david@mimosa.co and see if this is something that he has a pulse on yet.

If anyone else has any other “need to know” stuff about 802.11ax - please share!

I like to start talking about these things early as that can get a “ball rolling” - as we all know it can take a fair amount of time to get new technologies up and in production / even testing.


I’ve not seen much with any of the devices like Mimosa that are talking about “AX” or now as I guess it will be called WiFi 6?

Our in-house AP’s are now available with this mode (Aerohive), as I’m sure others of that market are presenting. I’ve only seen 2 consumer-grade AP/Routers, But otherwise there’s a pretty vacant consumer market for the other side of that coin, the client side!

AX could become a great standard for PTP and PTMP given its added abilities, so I might expect to see it become available here too in short order especially since it’s got IEEE standard attached…

While the numbers they present are quite large, it’s wireless, so it’s all theoretical math for that part. Spectral efficiency though has got to be a good addition on its own, even if you don’t get those magic thru-put numbers they claim, you’ll have a much more solid link in play.

Bump… this would be good to know if this is on Mimosa’s roadmap. From there design it should be, and would put Mimosa on the forefront in quite a few ways. Any response Mimosa?

I love your products, we are a WISP that runs both Mimosa and UBNT. The C5x has made us think long and hard about going full Mimosa going forward. Plans for 802.11ax or similar upgrades would close that deal for sure.

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Short answer: Most definitely.

Longer answer: It’s definitely something we know people want, but it’ll be a bit before something is out the door.


Keep up the good work Mimosa -

Also keep in mind that an AP of 802.11ax should be backwards compatible!

That way we can all transition to it while keeping our current customer base(s) in service.

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I won’t let an AP go out of the door here that isn’t backwards compatible. I promise.


THAT my friend is WHY we chose to go with your products!


@DustinS mind an update? Seems like Mimosa has been a bit silent recently.

We caused a huge buzz at Wispapalooza last week. A lot of folks heard a lot about what we have coming next year, although nothing official was published.

We have the A5x (2 port AP) coming in Q1 2020 and then at WispaAmerica in March of 2020 we’ll talk more about the 4 AX products coming to market at the mid/end of 2020.

Since a certain company kinda let the cat out of the bag, I can for sure confirm that a B18 is coming with AX chipset. This means the radio will have much higher capacity (3+Gbps) along with a nifty SFP+ port. There are many little additions coming to this radio along with the others we’ll talk more about in Dallas. If I give you more info, they’d probably take me into a dark room and you’d never hear from me again!



Wisp america is suspended … the covid-19 leaves people at home and saturates our old APs.
We want to make the big leap now.

In my land they say for big problems, big remedies.
Give us a solution Dustin…

It’s coming folks. COVID 19 has really delayed everyone and not just us, but we’re still working on this.

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UPDATE :fist: UPDATE :fist: UPDATE :fist: UPDATE

Yes please, an update. I’m currently with Ubiquiti and I’m very interested in 802.11 AX vs Ubiquiti’s LTU.

IT is certainly time for an update as I stare down the new 802.11AY gear wishing there was some AX APs coming in 6 weeks? please!
Will there be any AY in Mimosa’s future?

please update ax news. its time…

The Wifi Alliance states that Sept 2020 is the release date / finalization.
However, as we all know companies have to take time for production.
At least this is according to our good friends at WiKiPedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11ax
Note (4) has a reference to this page:

No much on www.ieee802.org, but Ill keep looking.

I for one will be happy when Mimosa gets into production of 802.11x gear, as I know that they will do it the right way, and it will be a quality product!