Mimosa POE Issues

With the shortages of different equipment these days we are having trouble powering equipment. When everyone started using more POE switches all the manufacturers quit including power supplies. I was fine with that as long as I could get POE switches. Now it is almost impossible to get a Netonix or Ubiquiti switch that will do passive 24V or 48V, and I have not been able to find anything in a way of an alternative. We use a lot of different Mimosa products, along with other manufacturers, and keeping up with what each one takes in the way of POE is an ongoing tasks. Currently I am trying to install a small network that will be made up of A5x and C5x radios and the only thing I can find in the way of switches is 802.3af/at.

Is it possible to power these radios with 802.3af/at? If so, what is needed to make it work? I’m not interested in sacrificing any more equipment on your behalf to try and figure it out!

Is there, or would it be possible to get a list of Mimosa products showing what POE each is capable of running on?

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Unless the spec sheet says that it will accept 802.3af or 802.3at, no. The device won’t communicate with the switch in order to tell the switch to send it power. So, you’ll have to have a passive PoE power supply, whether it be part of a switch or a separate device. If you have several antenna in one location, all needing power supplies, these folks may be able to help. They have PoE power supplies that have multiple port outputs www.poetexas.com. They have singles also, but the multiport ones may reduce the number you need.

We have had some good success with inline 802.3at/af to 24V Passive Poe Convertors from Tycon.
It allows you to still control the Device from the switch (reboot etc) Passive PoE Converter, 802.3af/at/bt to 24V

Hope it helps

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Amazon also has some that will do the conversion for 48v, but they’re relatively expensive. However, the flexibility may make them worth it. I haven’t tried them, so I have no idea how good they may or may not be.

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Wayne2, What were you looking at on Amazon?

Here’s the link. As I said, I’ve not tried them nor do I know of anyone who has. So, this isn’t a recommendation, but just an acknowledgement that they exist.