MIMOSA RADIOS Vs Lightening || C5-series

Hi there,
We have installed couple of MIMOSA C5c and C5x along with some ubiquity, cambium and WaveiP products in our POP. Few days ago lightening hit the pop. C5c is damaged but other products are still working.

Few days back, C5x got damaged after once again lightening hit the pop. This time, the power system was set down prior the thunders and lightening, even though c5x got damaged without power supply. I felt strange.
Whole POP was set up with proper earthing to all radios, but lighting hit mimosa radios mostly.

Could you share the probable cause and solutions for this?
Thanks in advance…

How were you powering your Mimosa radios?

Hi @William5 ,

  • Its AC supply (220V AC).

You have those on a surge protector? Do you have surge suppressors between the power supply and the C5 radios?

If you were using the 2 prong Mimosa power supply then there is no surge protection built into those that I know of (whenever a customer removed those from the surge protectors we supplied they always ended up getting zapped and if we didn’t have proper grounding to the C5 radio it was powering the C5 would normally be shot as well.

I also experienced this problem and only mimosa c5c was damaged even though mimosa was the only device with surge protector ang grounding and i have lightning arrester it was hit by lightning 2 times and only mimosa was damage. I think mimosa should develop their radios to be more shock resistant.

hi @Redson ,
which power system do you have, is it AC or DC?