Mismatch between documented avn received by SNMP value

Documented (http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/snmp-oid-reference):

  • OID -
  • Output Example - INTEGER: -500 dBm1 (1 here is footnote number)
  • UI Location - Overview > Dashboard > Signal Meter > Target

Footnote 1 - Integer value contains one digit of decimal precision (divide by 10 to shift decimal

But snmpget -v2c -c <FOOBAR> <MIMOSA IP> returns -54, but expected value is -542 when in UI this value is equal to -54,2

Therefore, I conclude that this is a BUG.

Mmosa Firmware - 1.4.6

Hello Viktor, thanks for brining this to our attention. We tested this in our lab and are seeing the same thing you are seeing. The OID is returning two digits and not three. We are going to have our development team look at this.