Missing A5 Firmware Version

Seems to not be available. Is this just an oversight? I need to be able to pass tagged traffic along with the DATA and MGMT VLANs. Seems to be a selectable setting in but it isn’t working right in

You talking about the A5 or A5x?.. or Both?

I think what you are dealing with is the feature differences between the A5x and the A5/A5c series.

I think you will want to set an SSID VLAN (Data VLAN) on the A5/A5c and the Management VLAN on each of the A5/A5c/C5# devices. IIRC the Mimosa A5/A5c radios will pass VLANs without them being programmed, you will just need to terminate them properly on the other side of the C5# devices.

Is there any way to enable trunking for one of the clients connected to A5C or A5X or just untagged vlan?

I’m not sure on the A5x, but I believe the A5c will pass VLANs indiscriminately to it’s clients unless you have the C5# untag it. I have not tested this, but you should be able to pass tagged VLANs to your heart’s content. That said, you will need to have another device to untag the traffic and such. So keep that in mind.

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I do have a mikrotik router on the other end to untag but tried with A5x will check on A5c. Thanks :+1:t2:

Any update as to when firmware will be updated for the A5?

@Andrew3 I do not think there will be many more features related to the A5/A5c radios. Mimosa has specifically stated that the A5/A5c will not be moved over to the 2.x firmware line.

Maybe if you have a specific us case you could create a support request and post here in the forums to publicize it. You might also go to the Facebook Mimosa group to see if there are others who would be interested in the feature request.