Missing info in the help pages

I can find the following in the Support pages:

Alarm thresholds for Temperature, Uplink RSL, Downlink RSL, Uplink PHY rate, and Downlink PHY rate can be configured to send SNMP traps to the configured trap server. It can also generate log messages to the configured remote Syslog server.

However, I can’t find anything that says what RSL is.

RSL is Receive Signal Level measured in dB.
Downlink is the RSL at a client/remote device and uplink is the RSL at the AP/Local device.

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Thanks Aaron. That makes sense. The alarm setting calls it “Receive Signal Strength” or RSS, but when you receive the alert in syslog it’s called RSL, hence the confusion.

You might also see RSI for Receive Signal Indication, it would be nice if there are a single way to talk about this instead of 3 acronyms…

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