Missing OID in 2.4.1


After 2.4.1 update we can’t monitor signal and noise on our C5s anymore. Seems they have been removed.

• mimosaTxPower.1
• mimosaTxPower.2
• mimosaRxPower.1
• mimosaRxPower.2
• mimosaRxNoise.1
• mimosaRxNoise.2
• mimosa.SNR.1
• mimosa.SNR.2
• mimosaCenterFreq.1
• mimosaCenterFreq.2

Are there any updated MIB-files regarding this?

We have the same problem with the new update 2.4.1

Hi guys,

Let me send this over to our engineers to see what’s going on

I am following this post, i am too having this issue

So the issue has been identified! I believe they are working on version to push out to customers. Once I can find our internal post about it, hopefully I can supply additional information.


If you would like a beta version of, send me a direct message. I’ll get it enabled for you so you can test and make sure it resolves your SNMP issues!