Missing SNMP oid for associated clients


I am a Mikrotik Dude user and managed to have my Mimosa AP’s show me their name, frequency with bandwidth, the SSID, the fw version, the temp and the uptime. (See the notificacion of oid’s in Dude at the end)

All I actually also would like to see is the amount of associated clients. But don’t seem to be able to find the oid for that… anyway that knows?

This is what my ‘Dude’ uses now:

[Device.Name] [Device.CustomField1]
Freq: [oid(“”)]/[oid(“”)]
SSID: [oid(“”)]
fw: [oid(“”)]
Temp: [oid(“”)/10] ºC
Uptime: [oid(“”)]

Going through this:

I don’t see a specific OID for the number of Clients associated, but you can get that number from OIDs like . by counting the number of objects inside. (There is one for each client)

Ok, I think I know what you mean. But I don’t know how to “count the number of objects inside”?
I see that all . where “x” is 2 to 12 for the different client infos, is used. So how to make now an oid that actually pulls from the A54 how many objects are inside?

I’d presume “Dude” has some format to give commands but actually I even never found some info on that or I simply am to much a ‘Dinosaurus’ (I’m 59 years of age and an autodidact network operator for my own WISP) to even understand this…

Please some more info would be aprreciated.


Oh, that’s the extent of my knowledge for SNMP.

I did a walk of my Mimosa Radios and went through the SNMP MIB reference and there isn’t a single OID for how many clients are on the AP. What I believe is normally done is your SNMP Client requests OID in a chain until the Server says “This OID doesn’t exist”. So what you would do is have a way to programmatically request each of those OIDs then return the number of clients. No idea of how to do that with the “Dude”, or if you even can. I use NetXMS where I know it’s possible, but would take too much time/energy for me to figure out at the moment.