MMP Beta 4 Feedback

We now have the MMP Beta Operational and have moved about 200 devices over to it. Here is a Wishlist for things we have noticed either during the installation or operation of the platform so far:

  1. SMTP Server PORT - Ability to define a specific SMTP Port for the email server being used in the .conf file. Most servers now have specific ports to use.
  2. Ability to add B5-Lite devices - we have about 15 links in operation that currently have to stay on the cloud as there doesn’t seem to be a supporting firmware for these links.
  3. Ability to add 3rd party links (Unmonitored) but on map and topology diagrams, we have some large backhaul microwave links that are licensed and form a big part of the network - don’t need to monitor them but would like to visualize their existence.
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