MMP local logining first time

Hi to all, i am installing MMP local, – “Mimosa-MMP-1.0.4-9.install”, and i am can`t loggining there, with message (The email or password you entered is incorrect, reset password or try again. ). I puts this pass “mimosanetworks123” and login what i put in to mmp.conf or this

How i can come in “Mimosa-MMP”, what login and password is default??? help me?

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Log in using [] (if left default) or the admin account email you used in mmp.conf. The default password is mimosanetworks (prior to 1.1.0) or mimosanetworks123 (1.1.0 or greater). Please change the password after logging in. New passwords must include uppercase or lowercase letters along with numbers.

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this is do not work, I am writed this same toper.