Mobile APP: Presets and Suggestions

Not sure where to place this under. This is more about the Mobile Application.

I loved the fact I was able to: Inject Firmware, Configure and Aim the C5 from the G2 + Mobile App. It really felt like magic. I had the G2 plugged in into a basement. Was still able to get a wifi connection on the roof (3 stories high). Once the C5 Install was completed there was an option to save the “preset” which I did cause I was going to install another C5 on the same A5c.

When I installed the next C5 and used the preset I only had to change the C5 Name and IP.

I’m wondering if there is a away to add presets from a PC and upload them to your personal Mimosa App or through the app. Like a large database of all presets for each A5/A5c deployed for easy installation.

This would significantly improve configuration time for the tech on site and have the network engineer set the presets for the install being done.


Have an option to select the AP from the Mimosa Cloud Device List (only APs) and gives you the preset from the AP directly.

Then all you enter is the specific site information: (VLAN/Management IP/Device Name)

All-in-all wonderful product. Still testing before doing a wide spread upgrade to the entire network.

Thanks Mimosa!

Realized there is a preset configuration on the cloud management. However I created one on the mobile app and has not yet presented it self.

How can I add presets manually?

You should be able to create one on the cloud and it should show up on the app. I haven’t tried this feature recently. I need to revisit it myself and make sure it works correctly.

As for your other suggestions, I’ll pass those on to our app team and see what we can do!

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