Mobile App - Unable to AIM / use APP Firmware: 2.10.0

So, does anyone else use the Mobile App? It seems to be stuck in development?

My techs can not aim using the APP when they have a radio that has been updated to 2.10.0 - 2.9.x seems to work - but as soon as you update the radio to 2.10.0 then when you try to use the APP -it wants you to “upgrade firmware” - but your only option is 2.9.x!

Then you are in a “loop” - as the APP will kick you back to main page - and if you try to configure the radio again - it wants you to upgrade!

This has been a real issue for us and our techs - to the point where they are fearful of even doing an install on AP’s that have the 2.10.0 firmware - for fear that they can not use the APP.

I was able to confirm that 2.9.x on the radio will connect to an AP with 2.10.0 - but this is getting really bad for us as we want to have the radio we are installing match the AP!

Has anyone else out there had issues with the APP and 2.10.0? Or is it just us?

Mimosa did say “they are working” on it - but I want to know what the community has to say about how this has affected them.

I have not used the app in +1 year, so I kinda lost track of it’s development. My suspicion is that it wasn’t all that popular and supporting it is going to be hell for Mimosa.

Personally I always just use the web GUI and preprogram as much as possible ahead of time.

You can’t always pre-program and there isn’t always cell service. Makes for a real pain. I’ve been fighting this for a year now. No one will give a realistic solution. This is how Mimoas will lose customers by forcing them to look at their competitors for a solution. Obviously no one at Mimosa is thinking about that fact. If they aren’t going to support the APP, they could at least make the APP open source so I can fix it. You can try contacting Jeff Jones 408-628-1312. He was trying to get them to fix it but, I haven’t heard anything in awhile. Maybe if more people told him they need it, something might happen.

So, yea for us the AIM function is the most useful - If the web interface had an aiming mode - my techs may have a better time of it.
The B24’s and B5’s all have the “aiming” mode - that would help - but is not there! Heheh.

The app does not need cell service except to “log in” to it - but you can do that before you leave range… (You really only need cell service to manually unlock a radio.) I seem to remember that you can auto-unlock a radio w/out cell service?

I plan on bringing the app back into popularity as it is really useful and makes it a lot easier for techs to install / unlock and aim an antenna during an install.

But my whole point of this post was to ask others what issues they have using the APP / and how they deal with them, so thanks! and keep the feed back coming.

Lets try to be constructive however, as I would like solutions not a blame game.
I kinda like the open source idea as if community driven - things may get working!
Would have to be Mimosa approved I am sure -but …