Mobile App Update 1.6.0

Mobile App Update Release Notes:

First off, I have only used the Mobile App for unlocking radios I had not pre-setup in the office for at least the last year. I have exclusively done everything else through a web browser because I couldn’t get the Mobile App to be useful to me. (Yes I told Mimosa) But I think I may give the App another go after this update.

Here is what I think is important, read the full notes if you care for the full list:

  • Offline Mode - Use offline mode for unlocking and configuring C series radios without WiFi or cell phone coverage! (I am delivering internet to places that don’t have internet. Frequently not even cellphone coverage, at least not Verizon or AT&T. This alone is enough for me to try out the App again)

  • Full configuration preset management which includes the ability to add, view, edit, and delete. (One time my laptop died on me, luckily for me I was able to VPN back to my office on my phone and finish setting up the radio with my phone, but it was a pain doing it in the web browser with a touch screen)

  • SNMP configuration support. (I have been working on using NetXMS to monitor all my Mimosa equipment. I have been spoiled by the other guy’s monitoring tools. Not that it solves terribly many problems for me, but at least it gives me another avenue for getting all my radios setup for it.)

There are some bug fixes and performance improvements as well as some other features that will make life a little bit better for us Mimosa guys.

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