More about the Mimosa Community

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines. We expect each member to follow these guidelines to maintain the professional integrity of the community. Mimosa will take an active role in participating within this community, so that you will experience product experts and support team members collaborating constantly.


Direct Messaging other Users

We hope to connect you with other users directly, as well as with Mimosa experts. You’ll see this in the upper right hand corner of your screen:

Even better, we’re integrating our community messaging and content notifications right into our Cloud, so you’ll always have access to other users and solutions as you monitor and control your Mimosa networks and services.

New users will notice that you cannot immediately direct message other users - you have to earn it! Simply browse around the site to read different topics and posts, and before you know it you’ll have moved up the ranks.

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We’ve got your flare! How to earn Badges

While most communities reward content activity amongst users and social accomplishment, we’re going a step beyond by also rewarding users with badges as you deploy products and solutions of note. To reach some of these achievements, you’ll need to be connecting your products to our Cloud. You have the option to opt-out based on your personal preferences.

We’re still enhancing this system, and more will come soon as we onboard users in the community.

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I don’t agree with the community guidelines I read. I need to see that my account is removed or at least rights to be part a contributor to it is removed but I still have any and all legal rights to use any Mimosa products I’ve already purchased without helping Mimosa in their community fix mistakes I believe they have made. Can you help me with removing only the ability to be part of your online forum community but still have intact the legal rights to use your products with all it’s software features?

Sure Ryan, I’m happy to deactivate/delete the community portion only of your account, it will have no impact to use of the actual Mimosa products or cloud/network logins, etc. Will do so within 24 hours so that you’re able to first see this confirmation.

Thank you. Also, if there is a way to easily notify me if the community guidelines change so I can revisit being part of the forums I’d like to be notified too.

Could you point out the section of concern, I want to double check if it’s something that you’re inferring that was not our intent, or if it’s something we can modify. The guidelines are pretty typical to communities and discussion, and our Terms of Service are more specific to Mimosa products, etc.


It has more to do with the reality from my perspective that on forums
people have the right to bring something up and even be wrong and not
harassed and also if harassed fight back it the community does not have
rules in place to stop continued harassment of someone who has explained
already they do not agree with the answers given thus far. Forums
should have ways for admins to step in and say, you obviously don’t
agree and that’s been made clear so those who did not originate the post
need to shut up and respect the intellectual property of the
poster/thread starter even if they are wrong and quit harassing them.

I haven’t read enough of your forums to know if that happens or not.
Obviously on a professional community it’s easy to spin a lie that the
intentions of everyone is to correct someone when they are wrong but if
someone bring up something and others think they are wrong if they
continue to state they believe they are correct communities need to
discipline those who insist on continuing to argue with them and think
they have to have the last word. That kind of behavior from arrogant IT
people who insist on continuing to point at that they think someone is
wrong and not respect that they may in fact be wrong and the person has
made it clear they do not agree with the answer they have been given is
something I have observed a lot. For example, I was just removed from a
FreeBSD forum without any explanation as to why and I’m pretty sure it
was because I pointed out clearly one of the admin’s of their forums was
breaking their own rules.

To me2 your rules are way too slated in the direction of not
acknowledging and having mechanism that are orderly and explained
clearly to discipline and remove people. Way too many IT people be they
engineers or programmers, etc are very skilled at coming off like they
are just trying to help when in fact they are defending things they have
done that are at times even illegal in my opinion and that makes it so
they have to get the last word on forums.


We haven’t seen much of this severe behavior on this forum yet to warrant changing the policies, but typically the process we follow is where other users will flag something to our attention (if we haven’t seen it already), we will review the language or intent of the post, if abusive/bullying or simply quite rude, we would likely take action on the post individually as a first step (response by commenting, or deletion of the comment is defamatory). We would take blocking a user permanently very seriously, and look for persistent behavior after warnings for abuse, blatant user bashing, or excessive advertising of other brand products from suppliers (as opposed to good user discussion about accessories that work well with Mimosa).

In your case I’d simply suspend your account (not block) at your request, and you could re-validate with the same email address if you wanted to at a later date.

What would suspend mean in your forum? Would that mean I could still
read things on the forum but not post or what other practical things
would happen with it being suspended?

Sorry I should have said “deactivate”. Anyone can read even without an account. It just means you won’t be able to post until you reactivate your account/email address.

That will work for now. Thanks for your help so far.