Mounting Foot for C5 Products

Does any one have the measurements for the drill holes of the J-Pipe used for the C5 Products.

We currently use a device called a Com-Deck from RTSC Enterprise to do roof mounts. I would like to know if the Mimosa J-Pipe will fit on this product. The Com-Deck was designed to Fit the DirecTV and Dish Network products. All approved ODMs were instructed to use the same bolt patterns on the dishes to ensure proper fitment of accessories.

Not all WISP ODMs followed what the satellite industry had already created.


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The holes at each end of the Bracket Assembly are spaced at 90 mm (3.54 inches) on center. The holes are 160 mm (6.3 inches) on center in the longer direction.

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Thanks Chris, I will check them on Monday!

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