Mounting help for a B5 on a chimney

I have an install where I need to mount a B5 integrated with the J pole to an old brick chimney (about 2’ square). The building is a historic building so the owners are not excited about drilling into any part of it to attach the mount.

I am looking at the possibility of using stainless strapping to attach the mount - similar to the way the old VHF TV antennas would be strapped to chimneys on houses.

Has anyone done this with a B5 or similar radio? This is going on a building in a town that does receive its fair share of wind. 30 to 40 MPH gusts are not uncommon throughout the year but this radio will have some protection from the building and the chimney.

If you have done this, where did you get the strapping and do you have any photos of the install or tips?

Having installed on a number of listed buildings the key factor is visibility of the install. If when finished the install has little or zero impact then the owner will be satisfied. Ratchet strapping is available with black PET with a 6 kN break, but this will have an ‘impact’ on all four chimney surfaces. We have mostly used satellite wall mount brackets using 2-4 holes into the brickwork. The bracket can often be sited ‘out of sight’ on the chimney stack ie not from the principle views of the house. Both items available from trade catalogues / online



We’ve done this several times with Ubiquity product. The chimney mounts are manufactured by Solid Signal or Channel Master. The real issue is making sure the pole diameter will fit. In one instance, there was an issue with the bricks being offset because of a decorative design. In this case, we got “creative” and went to a muffler shop for a few bucks they bent the tubing with an offset. It worked fine. Red Primer Spray Paint also does a nice job of matching brick as well as having a “flat” finish. Do know Muffler shops carry the same diameter tubing that you may need bet it radio or satellite dishes.

Peter G.

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I got an off-list suggestion that I love. Basically, take 4 pieces of uni-strut and cut to slightly wider than the chimney. Place 2 pieces on the radio side and two pieces on the opposite side and capture them with all-thread. Basically, you capture the chimney. Now, install your 2" pipe mount (or whatever size you use), attach that to the uni-strut with pipe brackets and there you go. Very strong, no mounting holes and you can get it very tight. When it is time to take off, remove the radio and uni-strut and no one will ever know it was there.

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Great suggestions!

Here are some other ideas that came in through social media.

  1. From Wisper on Twitter (with images):

  2. From Stephouse Networks on Facebook: Chimney straps. You can get them at Home Depot. Mount it low if you can to provide strength and shielding from the wind.

Good luck!

Here is how this ended up for us. 4 pieces of uni-strut and some 3/8" all-thread. As soon as the 1 3/4" pipe is clamped on, it’s ready for the B5. Tower site is in the upper left corner of the second photo…

And final install pictures. Worked great!

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You can get tap in wall anchors from Home Depot, put larger washers on them, and they work great. You only drill a small 1/4 hole. Then you can cut the unistrut to smaller sections. I’ll shoot pictures of them when I find them.