MTI and KP Performance Sector Antennas


I’m just starting up a new WISP system. I’ve got over 40 years of experience with RF, mostly up to 900 Mhz, and about 17 years with VoIP and some basic networking. I have done a bit of work over the last 10 years or so with point-to-point systems at 5 Ghz, but not a lot.

I’ve used some MikroTik equipment for a few point-to-point systems lately and they work well for what we needed.

I was looking at using either Ubiquiti or MikroTik equipment for the APs and CPEs for our new system, but then I did some more research on Mimosa’s equipment. At this point, I’ve decided to use Mimosa for the areas where we’ll have the heaviest concentration of customers. We’re in a rural area, but we’ll be covering some towns that will have some decent numbers in terms of users on our systems (at least, that’s the plan ).

So, now I’m looking at what antennas to use for the A5C APs. We’ll be using the C5 CPEs. The price difference between the KP Performance and MTI Wireless sector antennas is considerable, so I lean towards MTI Wireless. But, I also see some differences in the design, construction, and specifications of the two antennas (I’m looking at the 65 deg models).

Can anyone give me an idea as to how these two antennas would compare in ‘on the air’ performance? Has anyone used both of them, to get a ‘real world’ idea about how they compare? Even from a theoretical standpoint, should one of them be any ‘better’ than the other in working with the A5C and C5 units?

John Rayfield, Jr.

In our experience, they would both work well. But, I would recommend the RFElements horns over both of them. Check them out, they offer many compelling reasons to go that route and the pricing is pretty good.

That sounds good on the MTI vs. KP Performance.

I don’t see any RF Elements models specifically for the Mimosa. I haven’t looked closely at them yet, but I’m assuming that it would take two of those units for each ‘sector’, with an A5C?


RF Elements currently doesnt have anything for mimosa. There is also a thread on that here:

I just got one of the KP antennas for the A5c and its a really nice design. Very sturdy mounting system and well built all the way around. Havent actually gotten my hands on the MTI to be able to compare it but Im happy with the KP so far.

Here you go:
These are for APs, they currently don’t have a backhaul horn for Mimosa.

Yes, those are Mimosa Compatible, and I suspect that they would work just fine for the B5c. But they are not “Optimal” for the A5c. The A5c expects antennas that have 4 elements whose patterns overlap asymmetrically. Think coverage patterns for each element that look like the fingers on an inflated rubber glove. By offsetting the finger like patterns on the elements you end up with complete coverage for the antenna. This crazy pattern is what makes MU-MIMO possible.
The RF-Elements Horn Antennas are designed to have perfectly uniform patterns. Now Mimosa has said that you could hook up 2 horns and use the A5C like a dual-radio device servicing 2 sectors, but you wouldn’t get true MU-MIMO.

We’ve decided that we should use the KP Performance sectors for our primary site, which is on a 150 foot tower. Then, we’re going to use MTI on other sites where the site is either lower (less to climb) or it’s a water tank (much easier to climb than an ‘open’ tower).


Anybody have the link to the MTI antennas? I thought I saw it on one of the threads but am having issues finding it again.

Me too.

For Europe …

The mti website seems to be down this weekend but Wifidom in Spain is seling these antenas: