MTU change on B5 lite?

It is possible to change the MTU on the B5 lite product line? I need to pass MPLS traffic over a link and it does not work with the 1500 byte MTU.

“Baby Jumbo Frames” ?? Maybe you are good?
But only in :“certain modes and modulation levels” -
Would be nice to know what those are!

" Traffic Handling

Layer 2 Bridge

Mimosa Backhaul products are designed to operate as a Layer 2 transparent bridge (a virtual wire) for maximum performance. The radios simply pass all traffic, regardless of type. However, they do support traffic prioritization with four (4) quality of service (QoS) queues.


Mimosa Backhaul radios function as a transparent Layer 2 bridge and forward all multicast traffic (i.e. all OSPF routers, all DRs, etc.). They do not perform IGMP snooping to first determine if receiver(s) are on the far end of the network.

Jumbo Frames

The default MTU size is 1500 bytes, but there is no MTU adjustment on the UI. Mimosa backhaul radios support “baby jumbo” frames up to 3200 bytes without fragmentation in certain modes and modulation levels.

IPsec Tunnels

Mimosa Backhaul radios function as a transparent Layer 2 bridge and forward all traffic including IPsec. The radio does not participate in IPsec connections and does not act as a VPN termination point. The radio can be configured to use HTTPS and a VLAN ID for more secure management, however.

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) (IEEE 802.3ad)

Yes, the Mimosa Backhaul passes LACP packets."

Baby jumbo frames is incredibly unhelpful… I’ve never heard that term with another vendor. Do I deploy a B5 and hope it will pass a 1600 MTU or go with another vendors radio? Mimosa, what are the “certain modes and modulation”?