My C5C PTP link Signal and data rate drops after sunset

Hello Dears
I am facing severe issue with my 3 C5C PTP Links having 30dbi dishes where my data rates and link signals drop from -60 to -80 dbi and data rate drom from 650mbps to 100 or even 33 mbps. have tried changing frequancies but link automatically recovers as soon as there is sunrise. What might be the issue?

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Hopefully someone with more experience will jump in here, but there are a couple of things I can think of:

  1. There’s something in the area that starts broadcasting or broadcasting with increased power between sunset and sunrise and it’s causing interference. Do you show any increase in noise?
  2. You’re getting a temperature inversion when the sun goes down. This could be even more pronounced if you’re transmitting over water.

Dear Thanks for the response. The link is not going over water as the whole distance of the link is over plane. I haven’t checked the noise will check it today and will get back to you.

Same Problem hare i am using C5C

Dear have checked but there is no abnormal change in noise. Have increased the height of AP Side to 135 Feet and now its bit stable still drops but does not go beyond 64 and data rate drops from 650 to 500 which is far better then previous situation.

Since raising it helped, then it probably is a temperature inversion issue, even if not going over water.

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