N5-360 antenna + A5c

The new antenna of Mimosa looks very good, I know it is a new product, and there are no published field tests, I would like if someone from the mimosa team can comment on what would be the maximum range of distance that C5 clients can cover. in urban areas.

We have a project that could be developed with these antennas and with A5c radios. These would be installed on towers over 50 meters high.

Thank you very much for the comments and suggestions.

At Mimosa’s unveiling event at WISPA they were saying that the N5-360 would have about double the distance of the A5-14. The design tool seems to have pretty decent estimations for how far C5s can reach, if you put the correct information in.

As far as putting these on towers 150 Meters high, I have not seen much benefit with height as long as you have line of sight. But that goes for most any wireless equipment. We are planning on using these antennas on new locations to keep initial install costs down and then when we get enough customers we will swap to sectors and setup an new pole. Not great for long distance customers, but it lets us get a foothold without having to spend too much.

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Ok, thanks! iam try the tool01

Hi Cesar,
As William mentioned, our Network Design Tool is the best way to get a good estimate of coverage and performance in your specific location and installation. Please visit us at https://mimosa.co/support if you have any other question.
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I looked up your AP Location, if you are just picking up the area then the N5-360 would be perfect. You are not going to go too many Kilometers, but with a couple APs you will be able to get plenty of clients to get a return on your investment.

don’t forget to change up the mounting height of your AP and CPE!

Good luck, looks like an exciting project and pretty country.

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The Network Design Tool is a good way to get a good estimate of coverage, but performance is another thing. It doesn’t take in account nor can you feed other AP’s working in the same band. The biggest issue many wisps have to deal with is interference from other towers. The perfect tool should be able to add that into it as well. But now it suddenly becomes complicated and powerful software is needed… But I would definitely buy such tool since with many AP’s in a region finding the best frequencies is usually a pain…