N5-360 availability

Does anyone have date of release or is the demand so high we cannot get one yet?

Streakwave had a couple on the release date back in april, from what I understand, but those sold out quick and they are waiting to get more. I don’t remember when our rep said they would be in, I would ask your supplier to see if they have an ETA.

Baltic says they should be shipping the second week of May. (so sometime in the next few days)

All of the units we shipped are sold out, as far as I know. The last two disbributors to have them were Baltic and ISP Supplies. Like @William5 said, they are shipping soon so hang tight!

Any update on this? Really need two!

Hey @Randall2,

I know some have already made it to distributors (and probably already sold). I believe another shipment should be hitting shelves this week. Do you have a preorder in with someone?