N5-360 Coax Jumpers

I just got my first N5-360. I see that the coax jumpers come with weather proofing boots, like the Ubiquiti jumpers. Does anyone have feedback on how well they hold up? I like the concept, considering the tight spacing of the N-connectors.

We have had ours up for almost a year and have not seen any issues. But normally those kinds of issues pop up after a couple years or really hard weather.

If you are worried though I would recommend using some mastic tape and covering everything up. That stuff, when applied well, seems like it could outlast most of the living human race.

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That’s good to hear. We’ll probably give it a shot. The heat down here in South Texas will put it to the test.

I agree about the mastic tape. A good wrap of that with a coating of liquid tape to seal it has been our standard for years.

Those that have used them love them! I’m hoping we start selling them separately soon for those that want them. @Kent

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I’m in Nebraska and have some crazy temperature swings. The N5-360s we deployed 18months ago are still going strong with the supplied jumpers. I really want them to be sold separate. So please @DustinS please make it happen :slight_smile:

I’m working on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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