N5-360 ground screws are too short!

Could you please give us at least and extra mm or two on the ground screw??? Only my second n5-360 and the ground screw won’t stay in because it’s too short. I am using a ring terminal…

Hi @Chris18,

Thanks for the feedback! I have already submitted this to the Product team. I’ll take a look at this with them tomorrow and see what we can do.

While I was working on this I noticed that there is quite a bit of depth built into the antenna. I was able to grab a screw from a C5 that I happened to have available and was able to get the ground wire attached. Ohh, and on a side note my A5c that I pulled out of box didn’t have the mounting bracket included. Totally surprised me.

A5c only comes with the hose clamps. Are you saying it’s missing the back plate the hose clamps go through?

Yep, that’s what is missing. It’s not a problem since I have plenty from removing them for KP Sectors. It kind of sucked since I was trying to get the antenna and radio hung before the end of day and I was a half hour from the shop…!

Completely understand. Let me know if you want me to send you one anyway. I’ll get it out tomorrow if you do.

No worries, I have plenty!

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We must have gotten lucky. We just installed an N5-360. Used a “U”? connector and didn’t notice it.

But more is better and spares are always good.