Name and Coordinates From SM?


I’d like to see the cloud interface pull the name and coordinates from the SM (Unless they are set to defaults). I name each SM as I configure it, and it would be very helpful if that name moved straight into the cloud interface.

Further, it would be interesting if devices could be named and have their coordinates set in the cloud interface, and have that push to the SM.

Either way, I’d like to reduce how often each parameter needs to be entered in an effort to reduce work and possible errors.

Thank you, Chris

Thanks @Christopher1 we are moving towards that information being cloud fed and dynamically populated from billing partners, etc.

We’re working on populating the subscriber client device names in the cloud, it’s there in some spots, but not consistently which is an issue we’re fixing.

Thank you. I noticed the cloud pulls coordinates from A5 and B5-L, but not the C5. It will be nice when they all get it going.

Do you have a timeline for populating client device names in the cloud?

It’s coming pretty quickly as an urgent one, but I don’t have the details yet.