Need Clarification

@Jaime @DustinS There is quite the nasty rumor about OnSemi and chip production. As someone who has preorders in place that vendors have had me agree to no cancel and no return to keep my place in line I was wondering if Mimosa was going to issue a roadmap plan and clarification to the rumor. The news if true is quite devistating to our plans.

Hi Phillip. Sorry I was out of town at Wispapalooza.

As far as I’m aware, we’re ok right now. A deal is being worked (or has been worked) with OnSemi to make sure we have chips for the next few years. During this time, we’ll have to select a new chip vendor and create new firmware for this chip. I would only start getting concerned if you don’t see any A6 radios by the end of the year. These are in production now and mass production is being ramped up. Distributors should start seeing these arrive in December time frame.

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