Need help c5c set up

I can’t open my c5c using the default IP subnet: and the fallback IP, subnet: and yes I properly configured my laptop to the subnet for both IPs.

I have luck opening it on which brings me to the update firmware screen, after upgrading it to the latest firmware and I cannot open it anymore.

How are your C5c and laptop connected together? Ex, is the laptop plugged directly into the PoE Injector powering the C5c or are you connecting both to a network that might have a DHCP server on it?

Have you tried a different computer/web browser?

I have been using as the persistant ip. Give it a try and see if it works

Hello all! How does this model work at 6400mhz (+/- 20MHz) frequencies - stably?

@Alexander8 Dude, this topic isn’t remotely related to your question, please create a new thread if you have an off topic question.

In regards to your question, the specification sheet is here:
I highly recommend being familiar with the specification sheet of any product you are looking at.