Need help finding MIB's

I am looking specifically for the mib for the dashboard signal meter PHY Tx/rx and or Mac TX RX I dont see them anywhere listed I have found the performance MIB for actual throughput but nothing to tell me what the radio is connected at etc. I want to be able to set up an alert if the pHy drops to an unacceptable level without having to monitor 4 different chains etc.

Have you downloaded the MIBs from:

In the backhauls I think the number on the dashboard is actually just a product of this:
. (there are four of them one for each chain, you will want to do .1-.4)

APs have a lot of options, I would do a SNMP walk and find what you want. Because everything is there. Including a per client TX/RX rate.

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As I clearly stated in my request I DO NOT want to monitor all 4 chains. I said I already found that I want to monitor only the sum of the 4 like as displayed on the main page.

And as I said, it doesn’t exist in the Backhauls. It is a product of the 4 chains.
PTMP Access points have it for each client.

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You may be able to use:
. which is


And throw up an alert if those get too high.

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